Systems Administrator by day; ronin illustrator by night. I promote learning the tools in your computer system to complete your work in a more effective way, meanwhile agonizing for hours over an A3 sheet of bristol paper with a 0.03mm pen.

Digital Illustration Tools

GIMP is a fine choice, however I overall prefer Krita because transitioning between Photoshop and Krita is overall easier for layout and keyboard shortcuts.

Analog Illustration Tools

Whatever is on hand may be fine, but when it comes down to business I'm fairly picky.

  • Paper: Bristol, mostly
  • Pen: Crow quill, Micron, Multiliner, mostly

Computer Hardware

My current workstation consists of an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, nVidia GTX 1600 6GB, and 32GB RAM. I don't think too much about what hardware I have, and only upgrade as needed. The next go-around of upgrades will probably be a nVidia Quadro when their line moves up to PCIe 4.0. When shopping for a laptop I look for what it is besides a portable PC, my most recent purchase being a Lenovo Yoga 730 with a Lenovo Active Pen 2 allowing me to work on digital art entirely mobile if desired.

I love my classic pen for my Cintiq. It is the style of digitizer that came with my first tablet, the Wacom Graphire 2. It is much more comfortable than the fat Crayola marker grip pen Wacom ship with their current tablets.

I've yet to find a purpose for a tablet, and sparingly use a smart phone for transporting files between home and work. Tablets and smart phones are fine intermediary devices for consuming entertainment, otherwise poor for work and content creation.

I will likely be replacing my scanner with a Plustek OS 1680H or another A3 scanner model that is compatible with Linux, as my scanner is currently the only hold up I have in working entirely in Linux.

Daily Computing Tools

I have a preference for smaller applications that do one thing and do it well, rather than catch-all applications. Doing things that way removes the noise from my daily tasks and lets me get things done. That said, some of what is listed below can be considered 'bloated' by some standards. Take it with a grain of salt.

Useful Websites I Frequent

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Recommended Reading

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